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Stripes True Blue White Outdoor Rug

Stripes True Blue White Outdoor Rug

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Green Decor True blue striped rug is a Indoor Outdoor Rug boldly designed to create a focal point. it is made to be used in your porch, terrace and under your outdoor sofa set. it is Strong and hard-wearing but soft and comfortable under foot rugs are Pet Friendly

    • Indoor Outdoor rug for patio, porch or deck use is to brighten up the outdoor space and bring life.  The rugs are lightweight, keep it in the back of the car and use it for camping or beach trip, or jaunts to the beach lake, or your next barbecue picnic.

    • Plastic rugs made from recycled plastic straws. As a Result, It is soft and comfortable to walk on barefoot.

    • Easy to clean, easy to store and easy to carry but no worries about spills or sand and dirt outside. Simply wipe clean and hose off , then dry the rug in a jiffy.

    • Our rugs are durable and sturdy to withstand outside weather. Which makes it the perfect Indoor Outdoor Rug suitable to use all year round with no required care.

    • A global brand with high ethical value; We believe in using recycled and sustainable materials to produce all  products. We Check the factory conditions regularly for working environments and child labor. With years of experience in making outdoor rugs of the most refined quality.

    • Pictures are for representation Purposes only so actual colors may vary due to production limitations.


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